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Touches from master pencils in the design of the future's vehicles!

We are very happy to work with renowned graphic designers Murat Dorkip and Koray Özbey on the exterior design of our 10th solar vehicle and autonomous vehicle, which we look forward to sharing soon, and on the corporate identity of our team.

We would like to thank Murat Dorkip, who designed and managed the brand of important projects of the Turkish Air Force such as F16 Solotürk, Turkish Stars, Domestic Airplane "Hürkuş"; and Koray Özbey, who is the owner of works such as the Turkish Identity Card, Grand National Assembly Turkey Card, for the support they provided to our team.

Murat Dorkip Biography

He was born in 1955 in Ankara. He graduated from Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, DGSA Graphic Arts Department in 1976. He participated in various exhibitions in Turkey and abroad between 1976-2005. He has received various design awards until today.

He served as a member of the Graphic Designers Professional Association and ARD board of directors. He has been the art director of Rekmay A.Ş., of which he is the founding partner, since 1978. He has given lectures and conferences as a lecturer in the Graphic Arts Department of Hacettepe, Bilkent, and Anadolu Universities, as well as being the founder of the Graphic Arts Department of the Baskent University Faculty of Fine Arts, since 1990. Dorkip, who also works as a strategic communication consultant for various organizations, has focused his work on Perception Management, Corporate Identity, Brand Management, and typography.

Dorkip; has realized the brand and logotype design of many institutions and products. He carried out all the visual communication of the 100th anniversary events, which started with the Turkish Air Force's 100th Anniversary Logotype in 2011.

He made the graphic design of the F16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force's F16 SOLOTÜRK Project and the corporate identity design of the entire project. It has achieved its greatest and most prestigious success with the 2011 GMK Outdoor design first prize and the Solotürk Project Design and Institutional Award at the "Air Tatoo", one of the largest air shows in the world, in England in July 2011.

Dorkip; also realized the new design of THVK Turkish Stars.

In 2019, he designed the patterns and identity of Vestel Defense's KARAYEL/UAVs. He worked as a "graphic designer and communicator" in many European Union Projects. He also carried out the design of the Turkish Citizenship Identity Card Project in 2016.

Dorkip; still serves as a board member of the Graphic Designers Professional Association. He has been working as a representative of graphic designers in the "Turkish Design Advisory Council" since 2010.

Koray Ozbey Biography

Born in Afyon in 1978, Koray Özbey graduated from Baskent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Graphic Design Department. Continuing his graphic design works focusing on corporate identity, identification design, secure document design, and font design, Koray Özbey has received various awards. Koray Özbey was awarded the GMK 39th Graphic Design Exhibition "Best Logo Design" award and "Emin Barın Logotype" award in 2020.

Currently, he continues his project partnership with Murat Dorkip, with whom he works in private works such as Turkish Identity Card, Grand National Assembly Turkey's Card.

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