Bees on Wheels



Max Speed: 140 km/h

Weight: 170 kg

Battery Capacity: 6.1 kWh

Motor Power: 1.8 kW

B.O.W., whose designs started in September 2016, was completed in August 2017 after a strict planning and production process. The vehicle was tested along the road stretching from Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge to Ankara. Drawing attention with the name of "Golden Car", B.O.W. participated in the World Solar Challenge Race held in Australia in October and traveled 2200 km with solar energy, but could not get an official ranking due to some technical problems. In September 2020, B.O.W. had the opportunity to take part in the iLumen European Solar Challenge (ESC) held at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium, despite pandemic restrictions. It was the only vehicle from outside Europe to participate in the race and was chosen as the 3rd fastest solar car in Europe in its category.