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Max Speed: 140 km/h

Weight: 150 kg

Battery Capacity: 5.5 kWh

Motor Power: 1.8 kW

ARIBA X, the 10th car of our team, was produced in 2021. We had the excitement of competing with the successful technical schools of 10 different European countries in the European Solar Challenge 2021 organization with ARIBA X, which we created without interrupting our work under pandemic conditions. ARIBA X, who completed the dynamic course in 4th place, was not able to complete the 24-hour stage because of an unfortunate accident while advancing the race successfully.

ARIBA Autonomous

Established in 2018, our autonomous team managed to complete the first vehicle production in 2021. We took part in the Teknofest-Robotaxi Autonomous Vehicle Competition with our ARIBA Autonomous vehicle, whose software and hardware were developed by the ITU Solar Car Team. We were one of the 3 teams that completed all the tasks in this race in accordance with the rules and we won the third prize.