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TEAM Members


Our Team Leader is pivotal in coordinating our strategies with the Board of Directors, ensuring our team stays on course. They manage university relations, handle HR tasks, oversee memberships, and collaborate on international racing discussions. Additionally, they manage IT processes, organize team activities for better communication, and maintain workshop schedules.

Mechanics & Aerodynamics

The Aerodynamics and Mechanical Groups work together on the design, testing, and production of vehicle components, focusing on optimizing performance and efficiency. The Aerodynamics team handles body design and aerodynamic testing, while the Mechanical Group designs the suspension, brakes, steering, and chassis. 

Power Systems

The Power Systems group is responsible for the solar car's electrical components, including the electric motor, battery pack, motor driver, solar energy system, and the vehicle's charger. They focus on designing and ensuring the functionality of the car's electrical power transmission system. 

Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems Group focuses on designing and programming circuit boards for electronic systems in the solar car, such as the battery management system, telemetry, steering circuit, and relay circuit. They also manage environmental systems like lighting and rear-view cameras, communication radios for races and tests, and the vehicle's wiring. Additionally, this group is responsible for quickly and effectively solving any issues that arise in these areas during competitions and tests, ensuring smooth operation.

Composite & Materials

Composite & Materials Team selects the appropriate materials needed for the production of the Solar and Autonomous car, and carries out the production of the exterior shell and chassis with the selected materials. After production, it meets the necessary needs and repairs for the car to move effectively.


Our Finance and Business Development Team ensures our financial health and growth. They manage resources, budgets, sponsorships, and financial relationships with ITU Foundation and ITU Rectorate. Additionally, they oversee procurement, payments, and customs procedures, contributing to our team's sustainability and success.

RAce & Operations

The Race & Operations team of the ITU ZES Solar Car Team is essential for the team's success in solar car competitions, focusing on race and test planning, improving performance through inter-departmental cooperation, and ensuring the car is prepared for specific driving procedures.

Autonomous Team

The Autonomous Team is involved in the development of autonomous driving algorithms for ARIBA Autonomous vehicles by conducting studies in localization, mapping, route planning, and image processing areas.

Board members

Our Board Members are pioneering academicians and scolars from various sectors providing us with academic and institutional support, With their advices we get better day by day and spark the future. 

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