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Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge (WSC) is the world's most prestigious solar-powered vehicle race. It takes place every two years (in odd-numbered years).

Race; It is the science and engineering struggle of teams trying to make light, efficient and powerful tools. The aim of WSC, which is a challenge for endurance rather than speed, is to complete the 3022 kilometers distance from Darwin to Adelaide as soon as possible and to encourage research on solar powered cars. In WSC, 3 different vehicle classes are included in the race. These are Challenger, Cruiser and Adventure class. Each division tests different characteristics. Prestigious university teams such as MIT, Stanford, Delft, RWTH Aachen participate in the WSC. The Stanford Solar Car Project members who participated in the WSC's later founded Tesla.



iLumen European Solar Challenge

European Solar Challenge (ESC) is a race held in Europe, consisting of three different stages, in which solar car teams from reputable universities. Dynamic Track, 24-Hour Race and Fastest Lap stages, which are raced after regulation controls, take place on the track, unlike WSC. The race, where it is very significant to determine the right strategies to use the vehicle and the team's effort in the most efficient way, accelerates the development of solar energy and electric vehicle technologies for a more sustainable world.

The ESC adventure of our team, which started with ARIBA 7S breaking the record with 00.03.09 and becoming the "world's fastest cruiser", continued with ARIBA 8 (B.O.W.) being the 3rd fastest car in its category in the race in 2020 despite the difficulties in pandemic conditions. Our team, who took a very fast action due to the last minute leaves, was also appreciated within ITU with their efforts. Our team, which stands out with its team spirit and struggle at every ESC it attends, added new ones to its memories and trophies with the awards it has won.

Tübitak Formula-G

Formula-G race held for the first time in Turkey and to raise awareness in the public about alternative energy sources by TUBITAK and supported in order to ensure the formation of the necessary knowledge for the use of these resources, especially solar, including clean and as set forth products that work with renewable energy sources. These races, which are generally held in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir, were hosted by Istanbul Park F1, Izmir Ülkü Race and Körfez Race Track and Ankara Hippodrome. In the races that lasted from 2005 to 2014, brilliant minds from our country competed with all their might and both a consciousness was created in the society and the attention of the industry was drawn.


Our team participated in this national race 5 times, including the first race year, and broke a hard-to-break record by making doubles in three of the races, and received original contribution awards. Our team has overcome obstacles with determination, make a name in Turkey and decided to open up to the international arena after the success of the national races.

Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival

Teknofest is Turkey’s first and only aerospace and technology festival organized with the partnership of numerous organizations that play a crucial role in the development of national technology in Turkey. Having been organized for the first time in 2018, Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival aims to arouse interest in technology throughout the society and raise awareness about Turkey’s transformation into a technology developing society with such activities as technology competitions, air shows, concerts, interviews on various topics, and various events. 


Bosch Future Mobility Challenge


The Bosch Future Mobility Challenge is an international autonomous vehicle competition organized by the Bosch Engineering Center Cluj-Napoca. The race is held every year since 2017. The student teams from all over the world participating in the competition are expected to develop autonomous driving and connectivity algorithms to complete the tracks in a miniature smart city with a 1/10 scale car provided by the company. Teams work collaboratively with Bosch experts and academic professors during the few months before the competition to give the best performance in this competition. Prizes are given to the teams that achieve a degree and success in the competition.

Shell Eco-Marathon Programming Competition

Shell Eco-Marathon is a worldwide energy efficency competition sponsored by Shell. This academic event focused on energy optimisation and one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions. Our team will compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon Autonomous Programming Competition category. This completely virtual competition ,developed in partnership with Southwest Research Institute, challenged participants to develop path planning, perception and control algorithms for an autonomous vehicle and then put it to the test in a simulated environment.

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