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This Week at the Workshop #29

We made an agreement with Murat Dorkib, who we worked with before and he also designed and brand management of important projects such as the Turkish Air Force's F16 Solotürk, Turkish Stars National Aircraft "Hürkuş" and the Turkish Citizenship Identity Card, for the new design of our vehicle.

We were among 24 teams from 76 teams in the qualifying rounds for the 4th and final stage of the Bosch Future Mobility Challenge 2023, which we successfully completed in the first three stages, to be held in Romania, and we were entitled to participate in the competition.

We continue the tests for our vehicle ARIBA Autonomous II, which we will participate in TEKNOFEST 2023, which will take place on April 10-13.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023, which we will participate in next October, has a route of 3021 km and this gigantic track needs to be covered with only one charge. In order to reach the finish line in such a challenging race, we have to have a working battery pack. For this reason, we have reached the final stages of the battery pack design, which we started to work on at the beginning of the semester.

We conducted test drives on campus for the selection of our pilot candidates and the testing of ARIBA ZES X.

Necessary permissions have been obtained for the North Marmaray Test, which we plan to carry out next week. We will be performing the first highway test of 2023.

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