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This Week at the Workshop #28

This week we visited our diamond partner, Bantboru. We got to drive ARIBA ZES X around the Bantboru factory and we cut a cake to celebrate our partnership. We thank the whole Bantboru family for their hospitality.

As the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023 is getting closer, we are trying to test-drive the ARIBA ZES X as much as possible. This week, we conducted our 10th in-campus test on the İTÜ Ayazağa campus.

Like building and designing the car, driving the solar car is also an art form by itself. In our team, we make sure that our pilots are well-trained before they drive our solar car in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023. They have continued their training.

This week we have also visited our clothing sponsor, TYH, and discussed our team's upcoming merch.

In terms of local tests, our Race & Operation Team completed the planning of our İstanbul-İzmir-Çanakkale Test, which will take place in mid-April.

The heart of any car is its motor. This week our Mechanics Group completed the last pieces of work necessary so that we can start the production of our engine rim.

Our Embedded Systems Group recently completed the printed circuit design and software designs of our circuit boards and sent them to production. This week, they carried out the typesetting and tests of our circuit boards.

This year we are competing in Shell Eco-Marathon for the first time. Our Autonomous Systems Group continues to work devotedly for this race, which ends on March 23rd.

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