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This Week at the Workshop #25

Our Business Development Group held the first ARIBA Talks live broadcast on Linkedin, on a Sustainable World channel this week. From now on, you can be informed about the program that we will organize periodically by following us.

Our Power Systems Group performed optimization operations on the motor system and battery pack.

Our Embedded Systems Group has continued to BMS UI design. Connections between BMS circuit, computer and UI have been implemented.

Our Racing Strategy Group started to develop new strategies by scanning and examining the ESC regulation that we participated in last year.

Our Production Group repaired and assembled the canopy mechanism, which was damaged as a result of the accident in the ESC race, we attended last year. They made a mechanism to prevent the battery case from getting wet. In this way, we carried out the first test drive of ARIBAX. They also began to prepare for the production of autonomous cars.

Our Aerodynamics Group completed the mold designs of the autonomous vehicle on Wednesday, following a sponsorship agreement for the molds for our new autonomous car, and we now await production. On the other hand, we continue to work on the interior trims and our new 3D printed steering wheel.

Taylan Yıldız visited our workshop. It was a meeting where we talked about our projects in detail by taking him around the workshop. Their good thoughts, their belief in innovative and productive young people, and their support motivated us even more on this path.

As ITU Solar Car Team, we introduced our team and our work to many people working on autonomous technology coming from various cities of Turkey at the Intelligent Transportation Summit held at Ankara Information Technologies and Communication Institution on March 9-10. We were very happy to be at this summit representing our school, to meet and chat with ITU graduates.


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