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This Week at the Workshop #23

This week at the workshop, our aerodynamics team completed the design of our autonomous vehicle, the concept of which we shared with you last month. With the end of the design process, the aerodynamics team continues the work with model and mold drawings.

Our production team completed the rollbar production and belt assembly of ARIBA X. In addition, supports were laid on the vehicle to strengthen the middle shell.

Our embedded systems team started the new steering circuit design of ARIBA X.

We went to visit the Infotron family with the Production, Mechanical and Business Development teams. Thank you Mikail Doğru, Rüveyda Tunalı and Müjde Gündoğdu for hosting us.

We went to visit the Hilti family with the Mechanics and Business Development teams. Thank you Özgecan Işıltan and Aynur Kılıç for hosting us.

We came to Gaziantep Seçkin College and told the team and ITU.

We would like to thank for all the support from Intermak and ZF Kompozit.

In addition, our Sustainable Car Technologies Launch activity, which we will organize on April 4, continue with enthusiasm. You can stay up to date with all the developments.

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