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ITU ZES SCT attended to EIF Energy Congress & Expo 2022

We attended to EIF Energy Congress & Expo 2022, with our ARIBA Autonomous II vehicle, which completed the track completely in the Teknofest 2022 Autonomous Robotaxi competition. The event took place between 12-14 October and many leading companies in the energy sector participated. We had the opportunity to meet with our partners at the event held at Istanbul Expo Center.

EIF Energy Congress & Expo is Turkey's largest energy event. It is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Turkish Republic. It is one of the most crucial events that gathers the entire energy sector under a single roof and brings it together. EIF Energy Congress & Expo was held with the support of approximately 65 institutions, organizations, and industry associations and reached more than 10,000 domestic and foreign visitors in total.

Zorlu Energy, our main partner, was also at the event. Zorlu Energy Solar and Foreign Investments Director Mr. Evren Evcit visited us and we had the opportunity to convey our new term plans to him.

In addition to Zorlu Energy, our other partners Kalyon PV, Sigortayeri and Enspire were also at the event. We also held talks with them. You can click to see how EIF Energy Congress & Expo went.

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