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ITU 2020-2021 Academic Year Has Begun!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

It was announced that the universities will continue online due to the pandemic period, which was difficult but made us have an idea about how we can work in different environments and conditions and how we can keep our motivation. ITU also started the new academic year on October 16.

In this beginning, our team members who were in Istanbul started to get ready with the decision of our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu to exhibit the projects that emerged with the efforts of the bright minds of our school in the Rectorate Art Gallery. Bosch Turkey and the Middle East President Steven Young would also visit the exhibition. On the morning of the opening day of the exhibition, the excitement of the representatives of the project teams was read on their faces. We also put on our clothes representing our team and prepared our promotional brochures. We were eager to tell our guests about our team and our vehicle, B.O.W., the third fastest challenger in Europe, which has just returned from Belgium with success. We had detailed conversations with our esteemed professors and exchanged information on renewable energy and future technologies. The "Golden Car", located in the middle of the hall and attracting attention at first sight, aroused the curiosity of those who saw it. Questions about the Golden Car were being asked one after the other. Time was flowing with good communication, and after a while our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu and Bosch Turkey and the Middle East President Steven Young entered the gallery. While they took a circular tour in the hall, they took the information of the teams from stands and then came to our side. Both seemed curious and content with what they saw. Our conversation, which started with a personal meeting, continued with the speeches on the team and the vehicle. Young, himself from Australia, listened to our racing experiences in Australia with interest. We had a very sincere conversation with Young, who also gave his opinions and suggestions on our production and future planning. Together with them, who appreciated our local production, we left the gallery for the 2020-2021 ITU Opening Ceremony. We would like to thank our Rectorate for this valuable event. These types of organizations are a great opportunity to announce the research and development activities carried out by young minds in our country to the public.

You can access the 360 degree view of the exhibition on Google Street View via the QR code on the page.

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