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Faster and More Powerful with MSI!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Our bronze sponsor MSI continues to support us this year too. Our team, which works in a multidisciplinary structure, is divided into various sub-groups according to their fields. The common point of team members from different sub-groups such as Aerodynamics, Mechanics, Electronics, Autonomous, and Business Development is MSI computers.

Aerodynamics and Mechanics Teams use Hypermesh, Abaqus, Ansys Static Structural, Ansys Fluent, Solidworks, Catia, Adams View, Adams Car programs for vehicle and mechanism designs. Our team states besides being able to run powerful programs easily, the large screen and touch screen functions make their job more simple, especially when it comes to vehicle design. Our team, who is very satisfied with the sound system of MSI computers during long hours of vehicle design work, can continue their work efficiently in the busy workshop environment while enjoying MSI's sound experience.

Autonomous Team, on the other hand, is testing the algorithms it has created in the simulation environment with the LGSVL program, while the path planning and road tracking tasks are carried out in the autonomous movement of the vehicle, thanks to software such as Autoware AI and Apollo 5.0. High performance is the most important criteria for them, as they spend their hours at the computer, they can continue their work without interruption with MSI power.

Business Development Team is the sub-group of the team deals with promotion, visual design and media. With Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D programs, it receives a great amount of support from MSI computers in video editing, editing and visual content design. They state those powerful MSI computers and live graphics highly increase the efficiency of their work, and also they can create a regular working environment thanks to the all-in-one computers.

MSI computers continue to facilitate our work in every field with high performance and form the basis of our productivity. We look forward to achieving our goals with the power we draw from MSI computers!

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