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Support Our Solar Car!

As ITU Solar Car Team, we can continue our works thanks to our university and partners from the industry. Our university provides us a workshop, usage of its laboratories, and research project funds, and also technical knowledge support by our academicians. Our partners from the industry support us both in cash and in-kind (such as materials, components, software, training). We need even the smallest support of you to continue our projects.

You can reach us for moral support contact information below:


If you consider financial support, we are getting donations via ITU Foundation. You may donate to us from below mentioned account numbers by writing "Donation to the ITU Solar Car Team" to the description. You may also donate by clicking the button below with secure payment with the same description.



We would like to inform our supporters about every stage of our project if they leave their contact information and also we will be pleased to have them in our workshop as guests. We believe strongly to we will achieve better with the support of our partners, we are getting our power from the sun and our dear supporters!

Vakifbank  Osmanbey Branch – 006
Account No. 7294014071
IBAN No. TR38 0001 5001 5800 729 4014071

Is Bankasi ITU Ayazaga Branch - 1223
Account No: 429332
IBAN No.TR17 0006 4000 0011 2230 8459 58

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