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This Week at the Workshop #11

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

As we count down for the European Solar Challenge, our work continues rapidly. All of our teams are working hard to successfully complete the preparations for the race.

Sponsor Chiron visited our workshop during the week to get information about our work. Many thanks to Fırat Bozkurt and Halil Özsoy for their support.

This week, the Business Development Team held a meeting with our sponsor Zorlu Energy to discuss promotional activities. Promotional ideas were shared before and after the race.

We supported the production activities of the Lagari Thrust Rocket Team and the Albatros UAV Team.

Our Production Team made the production of inner fairings using prepregs, bonding all the plates forming the coffin with the plexus, and making the furnace suitable for use this week.

The materials in our workshop were checked and the missing necessary materials were determined. Accordingly, a plan was made for the supply of missing materials.

In addition, the plastic part of the engine was sanded with a dremel to avoid short circuit problems in the engine. Afterwards, the components were straightened and covered with araldite.

We continue our work as a team to complete all our preparations before September, when we will participate in 2 competitions.

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