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This Week at the Workshop #12

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Our work continues uninterruptedly, weeks before the competitions of both our autonomous and solar vehicles.

Our Power Systems Team has completed the production of the 3 modules battery that makes our vehicle competitive. While producing the modules, centering was done.

We completed the production of solar panels at Smart Solar's Gebze factory. Here, our teammates prepared the panels before entering the laminator and placed them in the laminator. This is how we laminated our solar panels. We would like to thank Smart Solar for their support.

This week we held a meeting with all sub-teams. At the meeting, critical situations were discussed before the upcoming race and planning was made on the competitions until 2023.

Test drives of our autonomous vehicle continued on campus. Our vehicle completed the track set up with barriers perfectly.

Our Mechanical Team started the mechanical assembly work of our 10th solar vehicle after we received our machining parts from TAI. We would like to thank our main sponsor TUSAŞ for their support in machining.

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